Our Story

Flour, salt, water… that little handful of matter can bring an angel into existence.

Albert Einstein said “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind” there’s something to it, now I have enough time to pursue my passions.

I was born in Tarnow, Poland,  a city near Kraków but now I live in Denver Co. I create angels out of salt dough.  I paint and decorate them, what makes each and every one of them different and unique.  I love working with the salt dough,  it’s simplicity, naturalness and elasticity of the ingredients.  I believe those angels have important mission amongst us, that is why I’m so passionate about making them.  They bring positive influence to our lives and protect us.  They are so delicate, funny and sometimes playful… they make us want to grow wings and fly away to see their angel world.

Kinga Rogalska